A Man and His Presidents: The Political Odyssey of William F. Buckley

An in-depth account of how the father of post World War II American conservatism, over a half century, helped push American political consensus closer to his vision and, in the process, became the most consequential columnist and commentator of his time, a recruiter and mentor to some presidents and a thorn in the side of others.

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Selected reviews

"Gracefully written and richly informative"

Gracefully written and richly informative…An accomplished and admiring biography … of a man toiling joyfully to define and elevate a political movement.

Damon Link
New York Times
"Buckley changed America and helped give birth to modern conservatism; this is a riveting account."
Cass Sunstein
"...made ideas as important as the rivaling personalities, even the parties themselves."

In high school, I searched drugstores for each new issue of National Review. It was that important. For me, William F. Buckley, Jr. was the door-opener to intellectual politics. He made ideas as important as the rivaling personalities, even the parties themselves. I’ll always be grateful for the wildly adventurous thinker who welcomed me into serious political debate. I thank Alvin Felzenberg and A Man and His Presidents for bringing it all back.

Chris Matthews
Host of MSNBC's Hardball

Dr. Felzenberg

Alvin S. Felzenberg is a presidential historian, political commentator, and former public official. He holds a Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University and has lectured at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Princeton, Johns Hopkins and George Washington Universities.

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